Career Opportunities

Port Saint John is a company with a vast array of career opportunities in trade and business development, operations, finance, and communications. As a Canadian Port Authority and a cornerstone of the New Brunswick economy, Port Saint John takes pride in the hardworking staff that make our day-to-day operations possible and ensuring port stakeholders have sustainable infrastructure and port services.

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Port Saint John is committed to the professional growth and development of its staff. We offer an ethical, rewarding workplace in an industry that continues to thrive.

Current opportunities:

We pride ourselves on the extensive benefits we provide such as: 

  •  Health and Dental coverage
  •  Wellness Credit
  •  Pension
  •  Free off-street parking
  •  Hybrid work environment
  •  Compensation reviews conducted every 5 years

Port Saint John supports education and training opportunities for staff each year. The average training spend per employee is over $3000 per year.

At Port Saint John, we do not just work everyday- we take part in the revitalization of our Port City and contribute to the constant growth and development of the local economy. Port Saint John offers a chance to be part of something bigger.  

Being in the heart of beautiful Uptown Saint John also has its benefits. Stepping out our front door puts you right onto the cranberry trail of Harbour Passage. Our Corporate Office, located in the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal, is within walking distance of all the amenities our Port City has to offer.  

 Did you know?

The distance from our corporate office to the historic Saint John City Market is only 900m? That is approximately the length of 3 cruise ships!

Our Workforce

Average Tenure: 
7 years

Gender Balance: M: 49% F: 51%
Average Age: 39

Generational Distribution:
Baby Boomers: 6%

Gen X: 31%
Millennials: 63%

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What do we look for?

At Port Saint John we look for people who value innovation and collaboration as much as we do. We seek members for our team that are solution focused and pursue creative solutions. Attitude is a priority at Port Saint John, and we look for those who will bring positivity to the workplace. Working in an innovative and ever-changing environment, it is important to have experience and skills with technology as well as a willingness to learn and grow.

Student Opportunities

Summer Employment 

Port Saint John is pleased to partner with the Canada Summer Jobs program which provides an opportunity for youth ages 15 to 30 to develop and improve their skills through accessible and quality work experiences. Port Saint John begins recruiting in February each year for summer students. Students must be able to begin their work experience with us in May. Student opportunities may include working with our operations, communications, or engineering teams. 

For more information on the Canada Summer Jobs program, please visit: 

Internship Opportunities 

Port Saint John supports local academic institutions by providing internship opportunities to post-secondary students. Our internships provide students with an opportunity to gain practical experience through meaningful, hands-on work. We believe internships provide great value for both Port Saint John and our interns. Port Saint John offers internships in fields such as IT, Human Resources, Supply Chain Logistics, Marketing, Trades Apprenticeship, and Business Development.  

Port Saint John has worked with academic institutions such as:  

  • NBCC Saint John
  • UNBSJ (MBA program)
  • Eastern College

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