Shore Excursions

In Saint John, the best shore excursions are available through your cruise line, and we strongly recommend booking your excursions with your cruise line. Here’s why:

Exclusivity: Most shore excursions in Saint John are available only through the cruise lines – you can’t walk up to the venue and purchase a ticket. In the rare instances that you could, most of the available space – and definitely the best available space – is already reserved for the cruise line’s shore excursions. Your best bet is to book with your cruise line to ensure you don’t miss out!

Assurance: The cruise line closely monitors the departures and returns of their shore excursions, and they are able to hold the ship in the event your tour is delayed. Only when you are on an excursion arranged by your cruise line can you be sure that your ship won’t leave without you.

Quality & Value: All tours are carefully selected and provided by reputable tour operators who meet the high standards of the cruise lines that call on Saint John. The tours that are available to you through the cruise line feature the best and most authentic local experiences, and are led by local guides who have been named among the “Best in the World” by Dream World Cruise Destinations Magazine.

Safety & Security: Your safety and security are of paramount importance. Your cruise line has chosen very reputable tour operators who have been providing shore excursions to the cruise lines in Saint John for years. They maintain exceptionally high standards, carry appropriate liability insurance, and have excellent safety records.

Variety: Cruise lines offer a wide variety of tours in Saint John to appeal to diverse interests. Whether you’d enjoy a Bay of Fundy discovery, an outdoor adventure, a cultural excursion, or simply a sightseeing tour of our City’s highlights, you’re sure to find the right tour for you and your family.

Great for Groups: We love groups! When you are arranging your shore excursion, be sure to let the shore excursion team (both on board and on the pier) know that you are a group, and they will work with you to ensure your party is all on the same bus. Or, if you are looking to book a private shore excursion for your group, your cruise line is happy to help you arrange that. This option is especially popular for large groups travelling together, or when one or more members of the group have mobility concerns. To do this, simply contact your cruise line and ask for the shore excursion department.

To find out more about shore excursions in Saint John, check out our trusted excursion operators:

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