Facilities & Operations

Port Saint John has a diverse range of facilities including some managed by Port Saint John on behalf of the federal government and others that are privately owned.

Port Saint John facilities consist of:

  • DP World Cargo Terminal
  • Piers 10, 11, 12
  • An office building at 29 King Street West
  • Long Wharf Terminal
  • Marco Polo Cruise Terminal
  • Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal
  • Lower Cove Terminal
  • Barrack Point Potash Terminal
  • Scrap metal recycling facility – AIM
  • Tank farm – Crosby’s Molasses
  • The Port Authority also has jurisdiction over the wharf area of the former sugar refinery site

Private facilities consist of:

  • Canaport (SPM) crude oil facility
  • Canaport LNG Terminal
  • Irving Oil East Saint John Terminals
  • Bay Ferries Terminal
  • Spruce Lake Barge Facility

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