Navigation & MetOcean Data

e-Navigation Maritime Information Portal

A wide range of navigational information may be obtained from the Canadian Coast Guard’s e-navigation site here.

MCTS Fundy Traffic

To obtain real time information regarding vessel movements in Port Saint John, please contact the Marine Communications and Traffic Services Centre, Fundy Traffic-Fundy Coast Guard Radio, at 506-636-4742 for a recorded update.

MetOcean Data

A number of MetOcean instruments displaying real-time data are located within the port. The following instruments are currently in place:


  • Inner Harbour (on the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal)
  • Courtenay Bay (on Barrack Point Potash Terminal)
  • Outer Harbour (SmartAtlantic Weather Buoy)

Tide Gauge:

  • Courtenay Bay (on Barrack Point Potash Terminal)

Access to this data is available via the SmartAtlantic website here.

Sub-Sea Instruments

Download the sub-sea chart which corresponds to the sub sea instruments table below.


Other Navigation Information

Specific information will be posted here as required.

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