Permits & Passes

Hot Work Permit

Hot work permits are required for all hot work, burning, working with an open flame, or welding carried out on Port Property both ashore and on board ship.

When applying for Hot Work permits, those who have access to Port Saint John’s Klein Port public page, please do so there.

Anyone else applying, please contact the Manager of Operations, (506) 636-4869 during normal working hours or through Port Security after hours (506) 636-5044.

Dangerous Goods

All Dangerous Goods Permit requests shall be made to the Harbour Master’s office by 12 pm on the last normal working day preceding the expected time of arrival of such goods in the Port. This includes dangerous goods for export, import, to be retained on board vessel or to be used within the Port. Agents must also ensure that the Stevedore or Terminal Operator, the Ocean Carrier and the Inland Carrier all receive a copy of any permit. Permits are obtained through Port Saint John’s Klein Port public page.

Vessels are required to report, prior to arrival in Port, any dangerous goods on board whether for discharge or in transit. This may be done through Canadian Coast Guard ECAREG reporting procedures. A copy of the Dangerous Goods Manifest for all hazardous materials on board the vessel should be readily accessible to shore personnel while the vessel is in Port in the event of an emergency situation occurring.

For further information contact, Captain Chris Hall, Vice President – Operations & Harbour Master.

Security & Security Clearance Regulations

All facilities at Port Saint John are in compliance with International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS) and Canadian Marine Transportation Security Regulations (MTSR), and have Security Plans that have been approved by Transport Canada.

Port Saint John is in compliance with Transport Canada Security (TCS) Clearance Regulations (TSC clearance application form). For more information, please refer to the Transport Canada Security Clearance website.

Saint John Port Authority  works in relationship with the following groups, please refer to the respective websites for more information:

Canadian Border Services Agency  |  Transport Canada |  Royal Canadian Mounted Police

For further information contact  Peter Shaw, Operations Coordinator.

24/7 Port Security contact line: (506) 636-5044

Port Passes

Port Saint John requests that all individuals who require a Port Pass have their employer send an email to the Security Manager. Once confirmation is received, individuals will be required to book an appointment to process the photo and pass. A government issued ID is required as well as a $24 + HST processing fee. No walk-in appointments.

For further information contact Peter Shaw, Operations Coordinator.

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