Meet our people

Get to know our Container Development Specialist, Peter Shaw

Peter is a husband and father of two children, a sports fanatic, and a proud “Johner”. Peter has always lived in the greater Saint John area, growing up in Milledgeville and now in Grand Bay – Westfield. He was a member of the Saint John Alpines senior baseball team for 7 years and a 2X National Champion at UNB. Peter completed his first degree in 2010 with a Bachelor of Recreation & Sport Studies and followed that with his Bachelor of Education in 2011. Through the past 10 years, Peter worked as a supply teacher, primarily at Saint John High School and St. Malachy’s Memorial High School where he enjoyed coaching football and volleyball. He then pursued a role in Human Resources with NB Power and remained in that position for 3 years before he transitioned to Port Saint John. Peter has held roles in Corporate Services, Operations, and now with Business Strategy and Innovation as Container Development Specialist.


1. Tell us a little bit about your new role. What will you be doing and what are you excited to accomplish?

My new role was established to continue the growth that Port Saint John is experiencing in container imports and exports. With approximately 52% growth over the past 5 years, a dedicated resource was needed to maintain lead generation, present publicly, and to engage importers and exporters in that Maritimes and in our international target markets.

There are so many things to be excited about in Saint John right now, specifically for me, I am thrilled by the opportunity to advocate for my home city. I have lived here my whole life and have always spoken positively about Saint John, now I have a platform to share this message with local audiences as well as others from regions around the globe.

2. What is your favourite thing about working for Port Saint John so far?

The culture. Our team is wonderful in every department. Community involvement and charity are two of the backbones of our culture at Port Saint John and everyone here is happy to do their part, it’s so motivating to be a part of!

3. What professional development are you excited to do with Port Saint John? Why?

I am currently working through my first course toward a CCLP. The CITT-Certified Logistics Professional designation excites me as it is my first time pursuing a professional designation since my years at UNB. This will be my primary professional development for the next few years so it is exciting to have something, long term, to be working towards.

4. Why is it important to you to work towards our mission: “To be the driver of sustainable economic growth in our region through innovation and collaboration”?

Saint John and the surrounding region has so much potential, and I would like to see that become more of a reality. My wife and I intend to raise our children here, and it excites me to think about how different it will be for them.

5. What community initiative or volunteering opportunities have you enjoyed the most with Port Saint John? Why?

The holiday season is my favourite. There are so many excellent opportunities that occur during that timeframe, but the one that means the most to me is working with PALS to deliver food to the Uptown schools. The program provides food to the schools for their breakfast programs and as a former teacher, I have seen first hand, the need for this. It is very rewarding for me to do my small part in giving back. Plus, it is always an excellent workout.

6. Where do you see Port Saint John in 10 years?

At the center of our city, working hard for our community and continuing the economic growth in our region in an incredibly impactful way.