Our Role in Land Development

As a government business enterpriseoperating independently under Transport Canada’s national port authority system, Port Saint John provides a crucial link to the Canadian transportation network and is strategically significant to the nation’s trade. Business taking place in our domain accounts for$242 Mof the province’s GDP, making our Port land and facilities the ideal staging point for importers, exporters, marine service providers, and manufacturers alike. 

Through the guiding principles of the Canada Marine Act, our Port Authority is mandated to undertake the responsible development of Crown assets. By connecting tenants with space for their big ideas, we’re building on the momentum of growth in our Port City.  

At Port Saint John, the land and facilities we oversee are as diverse as the tenants who occupy them. From the Musquash Estuary to Red Head, we boast a solid portfolio of commercial properties, warehouse space, and land available for development.  

Pugsley lot is one of many prime locations ready for development

Naturally, we welcome a broad range of tenants in these spaces- from painters to cargo exporters to marine manufacturers and many folks in between. Though, as required under our guiding legislation, we give organizations with a marine component preference, we welcome development opportunity proposals from all industries.  

The outcomes and benefits of land development in our community are clear. When responsible development spurs growth of the city’s tax base, economic and social vitality resultOur Port calls the heart of the city home, and we’re proud to play a role in revitalizing it.  

The future of our community is now, and we’re here to drive our Port city’s economy forward, one good idea at a time. 


Want to learn more about our land development and leasing opportunities? Contact John Runcie, Commercial Services Manager.   


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