Port Saint John Celebrates Western Hemisphere Ports Day

April 4th is a day of recognition for port contributions to jobs and the economy

April 3, 2017, Saint John –  On April 4th Port Saint John will celebrate Western Hemisphere Ports Day, a day of recognition acknowledging our industry’s role as a key driver of job creation and economic prosperity, and its commitment to education, training and environmental stewardship initiatives on behalf of the communities they serve across Canada and the Americas.

In collaboration with the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) and the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA), Port Saint John joins with Canada’s 18 Port Authorities and hundreds of ports in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean to highlight and celebrate the value of ports.”

“We’re pleased to recognize Ports Day as part of our ongoing commitment to remind our community and its leaders about the important role we play in New Brunswick and Canada as a vital link to the global economy,” said Jim Quinn past Chair of the American Association of Port Authorities and President & CEO, Port Saint John.  “Like ports worldwide, our work continues to support a strong workforce, a vibrant community and a growing economy.”

According to IHS World Trade Service, combined international sea trade moving through Western Hemisphere ports in 2015 totaled 3.45 billion metric tons in volume and US$3.36 trillion in value.  Of that total, ports in Central and South America handled 1.69 billion metric tons of cargo valued at US$1.15 trillion, while North American ports handled 1.76 billion metric tons of goods, valued at US$2.21 trillion.

In Canada, ACPA members contribute significantly to the local, regional and national economies of Canada, are responsible for nearly a quarter of a million direct and indirect jobs that have higher than average wages, have donated more than $22 million to their local communities (2010-2014), and each year collectively we receive more than 1.3 million cruise ship passengers and handle approximately $203 billion in import and export cargo.

“Canada’s Port Authorities are potent job creators that deliver prosperity across the country,” said Wendy Zatylny, ACPA’s President. “However, we must take a moment to reflect on the needs of our industry and make plans today to address the infrastructure needs that make goods movement possible for tomorrow. It is critical that wise investments are made to our transportation infrastructure to ensure that our industry can continue to make a valuable contribution to the economy.

“We are proud to recognize all 18 of Canada’s world-class Port Authorities’ contributions in celebration of Western Hemisphere Ports Day,” she concluded. “Canada’s ports are truly united for the future and as powerful trade enablers, we will continue to support Canada’s ambitious trade agenda”.


 For more information, please contact:

Paula Copeland, Manager of Corporate Communications, Port Saint John, Cell: (506) 650-5288 or [email protected]

Wendy Zatylny, President, Association of Canadian Port Authorities, Cell: (613) 407-6022, Office: (613) 232-2036 x201, www.acpa-ports.net

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