Port Saint John reports 2016 tonnage

SAINT JOHN (NB) – Total cargo tonnage at Port Saint John increased by 2,419 metric tonnes in 2016 when compared to the previous year, with overall cargo tonnage handled at 26.4 million.

Losses experienced in the dry bulk sector were buoyed by increases in liquid bulk while break bulk forest projects showed a small gain of 1,200 metric tonnes.

In the container sector, 572,181 metric tonnes/90,262 TEUS of cargo were handled in 2016, a slight decrease over the prior year.

“We are in a transitional phase in the next steps of modernizing this Port,” said Jim Quinn, President & CEO of Port Saint John. “As we start 2017, we are particularly excited that our new partner DP World Saint John is now in operation.  This partnership blends their global reach and influence together with our terminal modernization plan to achieve the common objective of continued growth and a bright future for the Port and its supporting port service community.”

“The Board of Directors is proud of the work our entire port community is doing to create growth at the Port.  Activity that happens here is an important contributor to local economies across our Province.  Products from all corners of the Province are shipped to the Port using New Brunswick truckers, rail and roads. The Port opens the global marketplace to New Brunswick producers,” said Phil Brewer, Chair of the Board of Directors for Port Saint John.

Port Saint John Cargo Statistics of Note

2016 2015 2014 % increase over 3 years
Dry Bulk 747,172 MT 1,357,008 MT 1,377,641 MT  -45%
Liquid Bulk  25,111,987 MT 24,451,230 MT 22,077,208 MT  14%
Containers 573,181 MT 610,588 MT 565,493 MT 1%
TEUs 90,262 TEUs 97,114 TEUs 89,615 TEUs  0.7%
Total Port 26,438,301 MT 26,435,882 MT  24,039,247 MT  10%
Vessels 874 894 835  5%

Port Saint John is Canada’s third largest port by tonnage and has a diverse cargo base, including dry and liquid bulk, break bulk, containers, and cruise.

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Media Contact:
Paula Copeland, Manager of Corporate Communications, Port Saint John, [email protected], (506) 650-5288.

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