Seaports: Keeping Goods Moving

On April 5th, seaports of the Americas will commemorate Western Hemisphere Ports Day for the fifth consecutive year. Typically slated to recognize the maritime industry’s role in job creation and economic prosperity, this year we are focusing on the role of ports in the current COVID-19 global pandemic response and recovery.

The 2020 event recognizes the dedication, sacrifice and professionalism of the marine sector workforce in their collective efforts to ensure a steady flow of vital goods, while slowing the spread of the coronavirus. In Canada, port authorities directly and indirectly employ more than 213,000 people annually to ensure cargo moves efficiently through the nation’s ports.

Member ports in the Association of Canadian Port Authorities and American Association of Port Authorities are united in our common goal of keeping the supply chain functioning smoothly throughout the hemisphere – we’re proud to join hundreds of ports in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, who are doing the same.

Ports play a critical role in providing goods that impact our everyday lives. Millions of tonnes of food, clothing, medicine, fuel, and building materials, as well as consumer electronics and toys, valued at more than $14 billion CAD, move through Western Hemisphere seaports every day.

As families, businesses and communities deal with the pandemic, our nation’s ports will continue to work diligently to ensure goods keep moving during COVID-19, while doing their part to keep Canadians safe. We’re all in this together. #SeaportsDeliver

Jim Quinn

President & CEO, Port Saint John

Wendy Zatylny

President, Association of Canadian Port Authorities