The Saint John women behind the only Canadian stopover of the Maiden Factor 2022 tour

The Maiden Factor is an all-female ocean sailing yacht on a three-year world tour

Saint John, NB – Maiden, a 58-foot aluminum ocean racing yacht, and her all-female crew will visit Saint John from August 3rd-13th. Maiden’s mission is to work with, raise funds for and support communities to enable girls into education around the world. Maiden launched from Dubai in January for her three-year, 90,000nm journey, sponsored by global logistics leader DP World.

While Maiden comes up the east coast of North America towards Saint John, there is a group of local women on-shore working to ensure they have a successful visit to spread their mission and involve the community in activities while Maiden is in port.

“The opportunity to participate in the iconic three-year world tour of Maiden, and the honour of welcoming this inspiring crew of female sailors to our Port City caused a unique group of local women to come forward and play a part.  Each of them contributed countless hours of planning to contribute to the Maiden mission of ‘educate a girl, change the world’.  We thank each person who stepped forward to help, and each organization who has supported this effort,” said Paula Copeland, Vice President Engagement & Sustainability, Port Saint John.

“As a traditionally male dominated industry, efforts are needed to encourage women to consider a career in the maritime and logistics industries. The Maiden stopover is a great example for young women in our region to see role models and to inspire them to pursue opportunities in STEAM. As the only Canadian stop over, I am filled with pride and overjoyed to be apart of the organizing committee on the ground here at DP World Saint John. The Port City is alive and thriving and the women of Saint John are making waves,” says Naomi Gillet-Cawley, Office Manager, DP World Saint John.

“For many of us in Women on the Water SJ, the Maiden Factor and her crew represents our generation of women: Accomplished, strong career goals and love to sail. Which is why we also stand in solidarity, embody and support ‘educate a girl, change the world.’ Their visit to Saint John is not only important but vital to that cause here locally,” says a representative from the local Women on the Water sailing group.

“We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the crew of the Maiden to the Canada Games Aquatic Centre during their visit to Saint John,” says Amy McLennan, General Manager at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre. “The incredible work this all-female crew is doing to raise funds and support communities to enable girls into education is nothing short of inspirational. We wish them the best of success throughout their voyage.”

“We are thrilled to be sponsoring the Maiden Factor tour dinner in Saint John and have the pleasure of being the creative agency behind the Maiden visit graphics and website,” says Katie Bowden, President and CCO of Duke Creative Collective. “Shining a light on women in STEAM, and on women undertaking grand projects that require skill, bravery and teamwork is something near and dear to our hearts, and we are happy to see our community roll out the red carpet for this amazing initiative.”

“The Saint John Union Club is proud to offer the Maiden crew free memberships while they are in port. Maiden’s mission of access to education for girls is key in life. It opens so many door,” says Carley Parish, President of the Saint John Union Club. “Along with it you should always give back.  Never forget your beginnings.”

“The Saint John Region and Atlantic Chambers of Commerce are delighted the Maiden Factor Foundation selected the Port of Saint John as its only Canadian stopover and that so many women, leaders and volunteers in the community are coming together to make this event a success. The Maiden’s visit is truly a spectacular chance for young girls and women in our region to see that a world of opportunity lay open to them,” said Sheri Somerville, CEO, Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, who has sailed herself from a young age. “Whether their passion is in business, sport or something else, we must do all we can to engage, educate and encourage girls from an early age to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams. The Maiden Factor Foundation and the Maiden crew symbolize pushing past artificial limits to achieve the possible.”

“The Maiden crew docking in Port Saint John for their only Canadian stop is an amazing addition to our region this summer! Being able to work with the organizing committee through my role at Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency has allowed me to connect with groups like the Women’s Empowerment Network to provide a unique experience that will deliver inspiring connections, and have a lasting impact on our community,” says Nicole Vair, Marketing & Communications Manager at Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency.


Media Contact: Jane Burchill, Communications & Sustainability Specialist, Port Saint John. (506)343-3707, [email protected]

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