Top-up of Federal National Trade Corridors Fund Applauded by Port Saint John

Saint John (NB) – Port Saint John applauds the federal government’s Budget 2021 commitment to invest in the critically important National Trade and Corridors Fund (NTCF).

The initial West Side Modernization Project (WSMP), a generational project on track to be complete in early 2023, was made possible through a three-way funding investment of $205 million which included funding from the original NTCF, the Province of New Brunswick, and Port Saint John.

“We have seen past benefit from federal infrastructure investment throughout the original WSMP as it will more than double today’s container handling capacity at Port Saint John via a longer and stronger pier and deeper and wider main channel along with modernized intermodal capacities.   Additionally, and perhaps even more significantly, the Project has leveraged significant private sector investment totaling more than $375 million due to the future capabilities now being created,” said Jim Quinn, President & CEO, Port Saint John.

Through our relationship with Transport Canada, Port Saint John will work toward further infrastructure enhancements for the benefit of our supply chain partners and to facilitate fluid trade flow on a national and international level.  The National Trade Corridors Fund enables Port Authorities such as Port Saint John to reenergize and grow our economy and create opportunity to get Canadians back to work as the country recovers from the pandemic.


 Port Saint John is Canada’s Atlantic Canada’s largest port by tonnage and has a diverse cargo base, including dry and liquid bulk, break bulk, containers, and cruise.

Media contact:   Paula Copeland, Director, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility, Port Saint John, M: (506) 650-5288, E: [email protected]

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