Waterside weddings at Port Saint John

February is wedding month, so we’re celebrating with our very own “real weddings” story.

Liz and Nick 1

Liz & Nick at their wedding reception in the Fundy Room, Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal. September 2015   (Photography by Judith & Jordan)

Meet Liz and Nick.

Liz, who works in not-for-profit, and her husband Nick, a lawyer, both grew up in the Greater Saint John area. Both spent time away from the city for school and work, but recently moved back to the Port City, engaged and ready to set down roots.

They planned their September 25th wedding to be an uptown affair.

The ceremony was held at the Stone Church, and they wanted a reception venue that would be handy for their 140 guests.

Liz says she pictured a wedding reception that wasn’t too trendy or old fashioned – she envisioned something in-between, which would look great in photos for years to come.

They chose the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal at Port Saint John as their venue.

“I graduated from Saint John high in 2004, and Uptown was pretty different then,” says Liz. “But since then, there has been a transformation in this city, and the Port has been a big part of that. They have changed the skyline here, in a wonderful way. They have made Water Street a real destination.”

She explains that venues like the cruise terminals didn’t exist before, and are unique in the city as having the best views.

“Many uptown venues just can’t offer the views the port does. It was great to be on the water, and that rooftop patio is terrific.”

“Our guests appreciated all the free parking, too,” says Nick. “It wasn’t a deal breaker for us, but it really mattered to our guests.”

Liz found that having the reception at the Port gave her the freedom to make her vision come to life.

Liz and Nick 2.jpg

Fundy Room in Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal, set for Liz & Nick’s wedding (Photography by Judith & Jordan)

“One of the great things about the port is that you aren’t forced to use just one supplier. You have four caterers to choose from, and you can choose any decorator or DJ you like – so you can really put your own stamp on your event,” she says.

“The port staff were so supportive. They were there for us whenever we had a question or needed something in the days leading up to the event,” says Liz. “I can’t recommend the cruise terminals as venues enough. They are the best uptown venues available.”

To learn more about Port Saint John venues visit:  www.sjport.com/venues


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