Women Making Waves – Courtney Jones

General Manager/Director – Saint John LNG/Repsol

Courtney is the General Manager/Director of Saint John LNG and is employed by SJLNG’s owner Repsol S.A.  A chemical engineer by degree, Courtney began her career in Atlanta, Georgia as an associate engineer with Conoco’s Refining, Marketing and Transportation group.  Through the years, she has worked in various downstream, upstream and commercial roles in the energy industry.  Both Courtney and her husband Casey have worked in energy since university graduation and their careers have enabled the Jones family to live in and experience multiple countries/cultures while raising two children.  A native of Oklahoma, Courtney loves good barbeque, country music and college football, though she has fallen in love with lobster during her time in New Brunswick! 

1. How did you end up working in or alongside the maritime industry? Please tell us the story of how you got to your current role. 

My husband and I were transferred from Stavanger, Norway to Calgary, Alberta to work in oil sands with ConocoPhillips.  Shortly after the transfer, I joined Talisman Energy which was later purchased by Repsol S.A.  In 2019, I was presented this opportunity to relocate to Saint John to lead Saint John LNG (known at the time as Canaport LNG).  I had previously been a member of Canaport’s Board of Directors; thus, I had visited Saint John and already appreciated its beauty and friendliness.  Furthermore, with two kids in university, relocation was easier than the many previous moves as we didn’t have to worry about schooling, etc. 

2. What education have you taken a) pre-working in or alongside the maritime industry and b) since joining the maritime industry? 

I have a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from Oklahoma State University.  Past that, I believe continuous training/education is extremely important and at SJLNG, we set training annual targets for all our employees including me. 

3. What is the most rewarding thing about working in or alongside this industry? 

The people and their dedication.   

4. Did/do you have any female role models in the industry? If so, please tell us about that experience and tips on how to approach someone for mentorship. 

The mentor/mentee concept is one I’ve embraced over my career.  As far as female role models, there are several including my current boss who is located at Repsol’s headquarters in Madrid.  With regard to seeking a mentor, I find that all you have to do is ask.  Find a person you aspire to learn from.  I would not specifically seek a female but seek a person that you believe has the experience and the “know how” who will commit to being your mentor.   

5. What is your advice for someone looking to get into this industry in our region? Any important events or associations to be following? 

Networking is huge!  Also realize that not every job is going to be your dream job; however, you can gain skills and experience from any role.  Be willing to do things outside of your comfort zone and don’t limit yourself to a geographical location.