Xanatos Marine To Supply Vessel Monitoring System

Xanatos Marine is pleased to announce that a contract has been signed with Port Saint John to install a multi-layer Vessel Traffic Monitoring System to enhance the Ports Maritime Domain Awareness.

Bill English, President of Xanatos Marine, commented “Xanatos Marine recognizes that Port Saint John is a major part of Canada’s critical transportation infrastructure and the foundation of the New Brunswick economy. The system we are providing is an innovative platform for maritime domain awareness that will increase the capability for Port Saint John to proactively monitor the Port’s area of responsibility aiding in the continued safe and efficient movement of vessel traffic.”
Port Saint John is Canada’s third largest port by volume and has a diverse cargo base which handles an average of 28 million metric tonnes of cargo annually. The deep-water port’s user community includes fishing, oil and gas, cargo, pleasure crafts, ferries and cruise ships.

The first phase of the project includes the innovative TITAN Sentinel VTMS software solution from Xanatos Marine, AIS, multiple long-range day/night cameras along with IT hardware. The system sensors will be installed at three sites providing a maximum coverage area. Xanatos Marine will be providing system training and ongoing service as part of the companies complete support program.
Captain Chris Hall, Harbour Master for Port Saint John, stated “The new system will provide the Port with an innovative tool to improve real-time information and enhance our monitoring capabilities. The system will increase the Port’s safety, security and environmental stewardship.”

The project is scheduled to be completed and delivered by April 2017.

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