Committed to Greater Saint John

Throughout the year, Port Saint John supports dozens of charities and non-profits through donations and volunteer hours from its employees. In particular, focus is given to charities providing basic needs to children and families in neighborhoods surrounding the harbour.

In addition to these charities, the seafaring community is a focus of Port Saint John charitable giving through the Saint John Seafarers' Mission.

In recent years, Port Saint John has carried out a port education program which includes in-class presentation materials for teachers suitable for grades 3-12, port education tours, and a port story book and mascot (Port City Champ) geared to younger children.

Port Saint John Community Liaison Committee 

The Port Saint John Community Liaison Committee (PSJLC) is being created to promote ongoing communication and dialogue with groups that have a vested interest in port-related operations and development in New Brunswick. The committee will operate as a collaborative forum where community, industry, and Port Saint John representatives meet to share information, provide input, identify concerns, and provide opportunity to collaborate.  

Roles and Responsibilities:

The committee will: 

  • Conduct transparent and solution-focused communication about port related issues and projects. 
  • Function alongside other ongoing engagement activities between industry, municipalities, Indigenous Peoples, and PSJ representatives. 
  • Facilitate the community’s education of port-related matters of mutual interest. 
  • Receive and exchange information on PSJ, or PSJ lessees, activities, and operations as they affect or may affect the community  
  • Provide input to decision makers on a range of matters, including responses to community concerns. 

Individual members will:  

  • Receive information in good faith and give feedback to their respective community or management. 
  • Seek feedback and input from the committees and constituencies they represent and share such feedback with the liaison committee.  
  • Bring forth ideas and agenda topics for consideration. 
  • Conduct themselves in ways that promotes inclusion and respect for all members and all opinions.  
  • Attend meetings on a regular basis: community-member representatives who miss three successive meetings may be asked to resign at the discretion of the committee.  
  • Support the implementation of decisions reached by the committee.   
  • Are encouraged to utilize the resources of the membership as base of knowledge through the meeting coordination to seek information about concerns occurring outside of meeting times.  
  • Report topics to the committee in a timely manner for inclusion on agendas.  

Port Saint John will:  

  • Provide accurate and clear information to committee members to allow for informed discussion.  
  • Delegate a meeting coordinator to organize meetings, agendas, and all committee requests. 
  • Plan meeting agendas and facilitate meetings.  
  • Seek opportunities for meetings in a variety of community spaces to be inclusive of the committee member locations. 
  • Ensure that the appropriate staff with specific expertise are present at discussions on specific matters to assist the committee with technical needs and information.  
  • Coordinate briefings related to proposed port development projects that are not led by Port Saint John.  

How to Apply 

There will be one community representative each from residents of Uptown, East, West and North. 

Interested Saint John community residents are invited to submit their application via email to [email protected]. 

Applicants must submit a resume and a PDF document describing their background, interests, experience, connection to their community and indicate their reasons for wishing to serve on the Committee. 

Successful applicants will be notified as soon as the application process is completed.  


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