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There is simply no other place like Saint John, New Brunswick.  With the world’s highest tides literally on the doorstep of Port Saint John, this destination is the place to start your Bay of Fundy adventure.

Pair these natural wonders with attractions, eateries and activities in Saint John and surrounding areas and New Brunswick’s breathtaking vistas, heart-pumping adventure, rich history and unique maritime culture will create an unforgettable experience.

To find out more about the city of Saint John, check out Discover Saint John or Tourism New Brunswick.



City Tours

City Tours

The best Saint John shore excursions are available through your cruise line. We strongly recommend booking your excursions directly with your cruise line for a variety of reasons, click here to find out why.

Fundy Cruise Market

Fundy Cruise Market

Don’t miss the dockside market. This exclusive marketplace is just for cruise passengers, and offers a wide selection of local treats, souvenirs and wares from New Brunswick artisans and craftspeople.

It is open during every cruise ship call for the entire time in Port.

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