Port Service Companies

Harbour Towing

Atlantic Towing Limited has been providing tug and marine support services to Port Saint John for over fifty years.  Their modern and diversified fleet adheres to highest marine industry standards of quality, safety, security and environmental protection. The fleet of over twenty tugs, with more than 300 employees, serve various customer needs throughout Eastern and Northern Canada along with international markets.


The Atlantic Pilotage Authority is a Federal Crown Corporation responsible for providing marine pilotage service to Port Saint John. The APA works with the port, the shipping industry, and other stakeholders to provide the safest and most efficient marine pilotage service possible. The Atlantic Pilotage Authority was established February 1, 1972, pursuant to the Pilotage Act and subsequent Federal Government regulations.

Terminal Operators & Stevedores

  • DP World Saint John is the terminal operator and stevedore for Rodney Container Terminal and Navy Island Terminal, and will be also available for contract as stevedore at Long Wharf and Lower Cove Terminals. DP World Saint John is part of DP World’s extensive network of 77 marine and inland terminals in 40 countries around the world. DP World is a trade enabler on a massive scale that works hard to deliver front-line service and to meet expectations.
  • Logistec Stevedoring Atlantic, Inc. has been a long term provider of cargo-handling services to the marine and industrial sectors at the Port of Saint John. Logistec is available for contract as stevedore at Long Wharf or Lower Cove. Logistec provides exceptional customer service, qualified and experienced employees, an innovative approach to labour relations, a modern fleet of equipment and terminals, and constant access to critical inventory information.
  • Empire Stevedoring Co. Ltd.  has been providing excellent service and experience to all of it clients throughout North America since 1931, and has risen to be  a worldwide organization. Empire has been providing stevedoring service for the Port of Saint John for almost 40 years, with capacity to operate from Lower Cove and Long Wharf. Empire is ideally suited to meet all of the client’s needs, both cargo clients and vessels are in good hands with Empire.

Local Shipping Agents

Work Boat/ Launch Services

Diving Contractors

Seafarers Mission

The Saint John Seafarers Mission is dedicated to the well being of the Seafarers who arrive in Saint John, providing services to make them feel welcome and appreciated while far away from their homes and families.

Employers Association

The Port of Saint John Employers Association exists as a result of Federal Statute, specifically Part I Section 35 of the Canada Labour Code. The purpose of the Association is to enhance and promote the economic development of Port Saint John and the Province of New Brunswick by establishing standards and representing the Stevedoring Industry. Additionally, the Association acts as an employer representative of the Stevedoring Industry and discharges all of the duties and responsibilities of an employer pursuant to Part I of the Labour Code, including the authority to enter into collective agreements on behalf of the Employers.

Membership includes Ship-owners, Operators, Agents of vessels as well as Stevedoring Contractors. Additionally, the duties of the Association include, the operating of a computerized dispatch service, a claims management service for the member companies and also provides a central payroll function on behalf of Maritime Data Center, Inc.

Contact Details:
Jen Brun
General Manager and Vice President
t.  (506) 646-1886
e. [email protected]

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